This new Endgame toy leak might mean Tony Stark’s going to the Quantum Realm


A leaked photo of an Iron Man LEGO figure may confirm a trip to the Quantum Realm… and the return of an old friend.

Leaked toys from Avengers: Endgame are some of the only hints we have about what is going to go on in this film. While there have been two trailers, they haven’t revealed that much since they’ll only show footage from the first 15-20 minutes of the film.

This means fans have to rely on leaks and their own witty theories to try and piece together anything related to the plot of this movie and what will happen.

While the Russo brothers have said that fans shouldn’t take toy leaks too seriously, there does seem to be one thing that comes up in these leaks over and over. That one thing is those red, white, and black suits that the Avengers seem to have for the film.

While, of course, these new suits aren’t confirmed, we’ve seen multiple characters don them in previous toy leaks. The biggest theory out there? This is the uniform our heroes will wear when they enter the Quantum Realm.

The latest Endgame toy leak shared by @den_of_geeks on Instagram shows Iron Man in this mysterious red, white and black suit, while still donning his iconic Iron Man helmet. There’s also an exciting appearance by an old friend —  Dum-E, one of Tony’s robots that assisted him in his workshop.

Dum-E’s cameo may seem odd at first, but honestly, we’re here for it. If he can help Tony and the rest of the Avengers, that’s perfect. If Dum-E is the one to take down Thanos, as commentators on Instagram jokingly suggest, even better.

Now, getting back to Iron Man for a second, we have to admit it looks strange to see the Iron Man mask on top of a different suit that doesn’t match. Tony makes his Iron Man suits better with each film, so why would he be wearing a completely different suit in the first place? This seems to give some credence to the idea that the white outfits are used for something completely different, such as entering the Quantum Realm.

Still, why keep the Iron Man mask on? (Then again, this is Tony and Tony does have an ego. Mask on, no matter what folks).

Other questions we have about these suits: Who made them? Tony could have for sure, or even Shuri (if she’s alive, fingers crossed). But more than likely it’d be Quantum Realm expert Hank Pym who made these, and Scott Lang may have helpfully collected these and passed them along to everyone now that Hank’s turned into dust.

What do you think of this leaked toy and of the new suits? Do you think they are going to be used when the Avengers enter the Quantum Realm? Let us know in the comments!

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