Don’t expect to find many Endgame spoilers from the trailers


Turns out the Avengers: Endgame trailer may not offer that many hints or mini spoilers, leaving much of the film a total mystery.

It’s been an entire month since we saw our first Avengers: Endgame trailer, and from that moment on rumors have been flying about what to expect from this year’s hugely anticipated Marvel hit.

But you may want to hold off dissecting every detail of the emotional trailer, as it seems Marvel has a solid plan to ensure no spoilers will ever be found.

Speaking with MTV ahead of the Golden Globe Awards, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed the rumors that the trailer only shows footage from the first 15-20 minutes of the film.

Feige shared:

"I’d call it somewhat accurate, yeah. I think, as was the case with a lot of our films, this one in particular, you know being able to generate excitement without giving away any of the many, many, many, many secrets would be ideal. And I think the Disney marketing team is the best in the world and we’ll be able to pull it off."

While the trailer wasn’t extremely spoiler heavy, knowing it only contains footage from the very first part of the movie is pretty significant. At just over two minutes, the short sneak peek of Endgame gave viewers a lot of feels.

We saw Tony Stark drifting alone and hopeless through space as he records a pretty final sounding message to Pepper Potts. We saw Hawkeye looking a little more desparate and dark than we’re used to. There were also several Marvel favorites (Spider-Man and Black Panther to name a few) who were notably absent, due to the devastation that was last year’s Infinity War. All in all, the state of things looked rather bleak.

But if the recent trailer just showed us clips from the first 20 minutes, what does it mean for the rest of the film? It’s possible Marvel wants to tease us with a trailer darker than the film will actually be. Perhaps the opening is kinda somber, but with the arrival of Captain Marvel and the return of some missing Avengers, the film will end up being a heroic quip-fest where good triumphs over evil and inter-hero banter saves the world again.

The opposite is a possibility, of course. Perhaps we’ve only seen 15 to 20 minutes because the “many, many, many, many secrets” Feige hinted at are pretty awful and devastating — so bad Marvel can’t even show us anything in the trailer.

After all, Chris Evans’ contract as Captain America is up after Endgame, and Evans’ tweet from last October made it seem as if his time with Avengers will soon come to an end.

And losing Cap might just be the beginning… Sure, there’s a lot of speculation in this article and we’d much rather see all of our beloved heroes alive and well.

Still, if Feige is right (which is a safe bet to make) we won’t see anything else in terms of hints or spoilers in the coming months. With the film’s runtime rumored to be a good three hours in length, fans can expect to walk into theaters come April with very little knowledge of what to expect from the newest Avengers installment.

In all honesty, that only makes us more excited to see what’s coming next.

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Avengers: Endgame heads to theaters on April 26, 2019.