5 Tony Stark rescue theories for Avengers: Endgame ranked by likelihood


How will Tony Stark and Nebula be rescued from space? Here are five of the most common theories ranked from least to most likely.

Avengers: Endgame is slowly inching towards us, but the wait still feels too long. There are so many unanswered questions and mysteries surrounding this movie and what will happen to the characters. Fans are waiting to see which dead characters will make a return and how that will happen.

Many fans are also worried about whether or not two main heroes, Iron Man and Captain America, will make it through the film alive.  Since Iron Man is still stuck in space with Nebula, fans are trying to think of all the ways he could reunite with the other Avengers.

While we don’t know anything for sure, we’ve collected five of the most common theories about how Tony Stark will be rescued from space and ranked them from least to most likely.

Theory: He won’t be rescued

Plausibility level: Super low

Here’s why: Some people have suggested that Tony Stark won’t be rescued from space or reunite with the other Avengers at all. While this would definitely be a big shocker that would get a big reaction from fans, this doesn’t seem very likely. Tony Stark might die in Endgame, but having him do so all alone in space at the start of the film seems like a lot of wasted potential. If this is to be Iron Man’s last appearance in the MCU, he deserves a more important send-off.

Theory: He will be rescued but won’t reunite with the Avengers

Plausibility: Low

Here’s why: Other fans have suggested that Tony will be rescued somehow, possibly by someone we haven’t even been introduced to yet, but he won’t end up with all of the other Avengers. Maybe he and Nebula will have their own storyline where they work to help defeat Thanos away from the others. It seems unlikely that there won’t be at least one moment where all of the six original Avengers reunite on screen, even if it’s near the end of the film, so we don’t think this theory is very likely.

Theory: He will be rescued by Captain Marvel

Plausibility: Medium

Here’s why: We all know that Captain Marvel is going to be in Endgame, and she has to be introduced into the story at one point. Since Captain Marvel is part-alien and has a lot of connection to space, one theory suggests she finds Tony and Nebula on her way down to Earth and rescues them. While this could be a satisfying moment and good introduction, there doesn’t seem to be any good evidence or hints of this happening so far. This isn’t a bad theory, but there are a couple of others that seem more likely.

Theory: Pepper Potts as Rescue will rescue them

Plausibility: High

Here’s why: There have been a couple of instances of leaked images of Pepper Potts in her Rescue armor. First of all, there were leaked toy images showing Pepper suited up as Rescue in the purple Iron Man suit. Gwyneth Paltrow was even seen in a leaked photo wearing the armor with a green screen behind her. With the Paltrow photo, this theory has a good deal of evidence, or at least as much as anything related to Endgame. This option would be the perfect way to give Pepper some screen time and have her be the one doing the rescuing.

Tony and Nebula will save themselves

Plausibility: Very high

Here’s why: In the most recent trailer for Endgame from the Super Bowl, we see a brief scene of Nebula and Tony working on what appears to be the spaceship. Tony is welding something, and Nebula is working hard on something, too. Many fans have pointed out that the image of Tony welding seems a direct parallel to Tony building the first Iron Man suit in Iron Man. This would be a great way to bookend Tony’s story. Plus, it would allow Nebula to showcase her abilities and for Tony and Nebula to help each other and become closer allies. Sometimes the simplest option is the most likely one.

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