15 best rom-coms on Netflix right now

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Candy Jar

I have to admit that I almost took Candy Jar out of the running as one of the date night rom-coms because the romance is such a slow burn that you really don’t see much pay off until the very end. However, there are so many lessons in this film, and over the course of the movie, we watch this couple’s relationship build and grow in a way that not only felt natural but true to life.

I could easily see this being a true story, as the hard-working high school student who comes from a working class, single parent household falls for the wealthy classmate who she thinks has it all. It turns out that the picture we have in our head of other people is never quite what it seems. Watching these two realize that they have more in common than they imagined is actually quite inspiring.

Sure, the fact that this is a story set in high school (again) might be a turn off for some people, be I find these movies to be nostalgic. They are a chance to enjoy the fact that while we may be past our high school days, they had their own kind of magic.

Candy Jar is an interesting rom-com in that there seems to be a lot more focus on the non-romantic relationship these two build as they fall in love, as well as their time in school and what they learn from loss and failing at their personal goals. This is one of those movies that is at least worthy of being watched once, although I admit I have watched it a few times, and every time learned a bit more from the story.