15 best rom-coms on Netflix right now

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Punch-Drunk Love

If you are looking for a rom-com that is touching, unique, a bit odd, and compelling, then Punch-Drunk Love is the right choice. Because I think of Adam Sandler as more of a comedic actor, I rarely link him to romance movies. But bring the two genres together with Sandler, and you get a movie that is touching, humorous, and of course romantic.

It is quite hard to explain what Punch-Drunk Love is about, as the story focuses on Barry, who is abused by his family, has people trying to extort him for money, and yet he actually finds love. With everything he has to contend with, it’s almost impossible to say “this is a rom-com,” and yet it actually works.

You may not think of Sandler as a romantic lead either, yet in this movie he pulls it off in a way that makes us want to see him get his happily ever after. Of course, Emily Watson, who plays Lena, Barry’s love interest, is a worthy match for the man as he gets out from under the abusive thumb of his family. Together, these two are a perfect match, and it is nice to see them dealing with the drama as a unified front.

This is one of those movies that is perfect for a date night, as even our partner can get into the story thanks to Sandler. In fact, the first time I watched this movie it was on a date, so I can’t imagine this movie not being perfect for a night of romance.