15 best rom-coms on Netflix right now

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Playing It Cool

What sold me on Playing It Cool was the fact that Chris Evans was the romantic lead. Add in the fact that Anthony Mackie was also in the film, and it feels a bit like a Marvel reunion (and let’s not forget Ioan Gruffudd, who was in the original Fantastic Four movies).

I think what makes this movie so unique is the fact that the only way we know Chris Evans is as “Me” because he narrates the story. The woman he finds himself actually falling for, played by Michelle Monaghan, is known as “Her.”

This is not your typical rom-com, as Evans’ character is a writer who barely even believes in romance. While his agent wants him to try his hand at writing rom-coms, he honestly doesn’t know how to do that. Enter Monaghan’s character, who turns his world upside down. It is almost love at first interaction for these two people, and yet she already has a partner (Gruffudd’s Stuffy). Thus begins a romantic story that is humorous thanks to its take on the genre it is actually a part of, as well as the unique way Evans’ character narrates his story.

Playing It Cool could almost be a parody of the rom-com genre, and yet it just toes the line to stay within the realm of not being one. I have to give quite a bit of credit to Chris Evans for the way he manages to give this film the heart, soul, and even pessimism it needs to be a must watch for date night.