Riverdale spinoff: 5 crossovers we want to see in the new Katy Keene series

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Jughead narrating Katy Keene’s story

There is nothing Jughead won’t do when it comes to uncovering the truth, protecting those he loves, and of course ruling the Southside Serpents. And because of his determination and dedication, we could totally see Jughead randomly meeting Katy Keene.

Perhaps on his journey out-of-town with Archie or even on his way back with his father (events that we definitely did not see all of), Jughead could have run into the talented Katy. Maybe he heard her sing one night while away from Riverdale.

Another option is that in an effort to see his mother and little sister again, Jughead heads out-of-town and meets up with Katy Keene. There is actually a lot of potential in finding ways for these two characters to meet. And considering Jughead is as much an investigative journalist as Betty, we could totally see him running into Katy because of whatever mission he has going on.

In fact, we could totally see (or in this case hear) Jughead narrating an introduction for Katy Keene, just like he does on Riverdale. With his ability to tell a story, Jughead would make the perfect person to narrate what Katy is dealing with as she struggles to make her way in New York. And if these two know each other in some way, it would make it that much more interesting. (Since these two characters know each other in the comics, we want to see their friendship develop on-screen as well, even if it is in a different way.)