Riverdale spinoff: 5 crossovers we want to see in the new Katy Keene series

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Betty interviewing Katy Keene

Betty, ever the dedicated journalist, may just make Katy Keene her next featured story. Sure, she may only be a writer for her school paper right now, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t published some hard-hitting pieces.

And because of her journalistic nature, we think it makes perfect sense for Betty to interview Katy Keene. Not only would this offer more information into who Katy is, but it would make sense in terms of storyline.

Betty is always looking for interesting news (clearly). While she may not do puff pieces, we think having her interview an up-and-coming star is fitting. She could question Katy on why she decided to model, sing, and act. With Keene having so many artistic aspirations, she may even serve as a positive inspiration for young women in Riverdale, something we definitely believe Betty would want to cover.

There is something to be said for having Betty do something fun with her writing talents. And although she is more likely to try to uncover murderers and drug dealers, we wouldn’t mind seeing Betty do some work that is a bit lighter and positive.

Of course, if Betty is interviewing Katy Keene, that may mean she has to head to New York to do it, and we would be okay with this (especially if she took Veronica with her). It might be good for Betty to get out of Riverdale for a little bit; after all Jughead and Archie got to leave town for a bit. Maybe it is time for the ladies to get away!