Riverdale spinoff: 5 crossovers we want to see in the new Katy Keene series

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New York City girls reunite

In the original comics, Katy Keene obviously knew Veronica already, as Katy knew (and hung out with) Archie and his friends. But in this new spinoff series, the story is being rewritten. And that’s okay.

Luckily for us, Veronica Lodge is a former New York girl. Considering she used to live in the city, has friends there, went to school there, and of course, still has connections to the city, it makes sense that Veronica might already know Katy. Whether it is because these two went to school together or performed together for a short time, there are plenty of ways to link up their storylines.

If Veronica and Katy already know each other from New York, then it makes perfect sense for them to have a crossover moment together. Perhaps Katy could visit Veronica for help or advice. Another option is to have Veronica head back to New York to visit with friends or deal with business (since she is a business owner now). Speaking of business, it would even make sense for Katy Keene to show up in Riverdale to sing at Veronica’s night club.

We wouldn’t mind seeing Katy taking the stage at Le Bonne Nuit for a night and showing the teens of Riverdale what another New Yorker can do. Basically, we just want to see these two get together and show the world that they are friends, even if they are in different places in their lives.