18 Marvel character team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU

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Avengers Prime Vol. 1. #4. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

Amora and Hela

Unlike Loki’s sometimes unsuccessful trickery in the MCU, Amora the Enchantress is a master of deception. Like Hela, Amora is also a recurring antagonist for Thor in the comics, and we don’t see why the MCU shouldn’t feature more villainous team-ups.

Although Amora and Hela haven’t had any evil affiliations that ended amicably or tamely in the comics, a villainous collaboration between Amora, a formidable Asgardian magician, and Hela, the Goddess of Death, would open another world of conflict for Thor. The new ruler of Asgard still has to grieve his fallen family, people, and realm. However, a duo of villains could create another force in a post-Thanos cinematic universe.

At the end of Thor: Ragnarok, viewers might assume that Hela met her ultimate demise while fighting Surtur, but it takes a lot more than a demon to kill the ruler of Hel. The MCU might already be plotting to reintroduce the Odinson’s sister.

While we’re grateful that the MCU made Thor and Loki amend their family issues literally moments before Avengers: Infinity War, it looks like Thor could have more amends to make with his sister in the future.