18 Marvel character team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU

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X-23 #10. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

X-23 and Jubilee

With the probable MCU restructuring now that Disney has the reigns to the X-Men and related characters, we hope Laura (X-23) and Jubilee to get the screen time they deserve. (Well, that and a Storm-lead X-Men team and at least another dozen items, but that’s beside the point.)

Apart from Jubilee finally getting the on-screen recognition she deserves (beyond an X-Men orientation video without the newer X-Men franchise), Laura and Jubilee would be a powerful duo. Even if the Marvel incorporated Jubilee before she became a memory-feasting, undead vampire, Jubilee’s light blasts would be complementary to Laura’s adamantium claws and regenerative abilities. After all, she would easily cover Laura as she handles any close-combat.

Laura and Jubilee also innately understand each other. While they both deal with different traumas and upbringings, Jubilee was an orphan and Laura was a pseudo-clone of Logan (if the Marvel continues her pre-existing X-Men origin story).

Though Jubilee can’t relate to Laura’s past where she was manipulated and used as a glorified killing machine, she and Laura do have a supportive arc in X-23. Sure, Jubilee accidentally drank Laura’s blood and saw snippets of her past because of it. But it eventually led Jubilee to help Laura learn to cope with her PTSD.

Replicating a similar storyline would show how support Laura and Jubilee are even when they aren’t confronting villains — because superpowered team-ups don’t stop once the bad guys are incarcerated.