18 Marvel character team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU

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Everyone has their MCU dream teams for virtually any and every Marvel-related heroic team. However, we have several idealistic Marvel team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU.

We can expect to see a lot of changes and restructuring in the future of the MCU. Beyond the likely grim outcome of Avengers: Endgame (after all, the Avengers can’t expect to defeat an Eternal without losing a hero or two in the process), Disney will likely add some new heroes and villains in the post-Thanos universe.

Since Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has been dropping hints about new characters, new narratives, and even new teams, we could eventually see Marvel’s First Family in the MCU, or an entirely new X-Men team to fit the current timeline in the cinematic universe. Now that Disney is acquiring Fox and the media company’s rights to certain characters, the MCU is likely preparing for an expansion.

We obviously already have our preferences on how it can incorporate the X-Men and affiliated characters, but we also have some thoughts on which superhero and supervillain team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU. Even if some of these dream team-ups are more ambitious than others, we can still dream, right?