18 Marvel character team-ups we’d love to see in the MCU

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Photo Credit: Marvel Studios.

Sharon Carter and Natasha Romanoff

Sharon and Natasha both have a history of being weaponized at their own expense in the MCU and the comics. Though she hasn’t debuted in her solo film yet, Natasha’s on-screen incarnation has already gone through the mind manipulation of the Red Room.

Although Agent 13 hasn’t been mind controlled like her comic counterpart (which led to her unintentionally shooting Steve Rogers), both Sharon and Natasha have a history of being mind controlled at the hands of Hydra or the Red Room.

Behind their history of being controlled by nefarious organizations, Sharon and Natasha are both overqualified fighters and covert agents. Because of their lengthy heroic resumes, any cinematic team-up between these two lethal heroes would make their fight sequences seem like an effortless artform (while also making us wish we’d never quit our boxing class).

Given their experience with fighting and training, we know Sharon and Nat would also share combat tips when they weren’t on duty. Now that Natasha is gearing up for her first solo film, we’re ready to see more of Sharon Carter in the MCU as well.