How Marvel Comics retcons could lead to new MCU cameos


Marvel Comics is preparing to rewrite a few comic book character origin stories, and the new narratives could vaguely hint at new MCU cameos.

The MCU has its own continuity that, at times, feels like its disconnected from the comics and at other times makes it feel like a live-action reiteration of the panels. However, the cinematic stories and characters are naturally influenced by the comics. Given the proximity between Marvel Comics and Marvel-related television shows and movies, the impending rewritten comic book origin stories could lead to some new characters in the MCU.

It’s a new year, and it seems like one of Marvel Comics’ resolutions is to rewrite some of our favorites characters’ rise to superherodom. As reports, Marvel will rework the origin of the first family, the Fantastic Four. In an ominous tease to the rewritten reveal, Marvel Comics writes, “Marvel History is destroyed [in] March 2019” on its promotional material.

The comic history retcons don’t stop with the Fantastic Four. Marvel will also rewrite aspects of the Dark Phoenix and Captain America origin story. These changes won’t directly impact Steve Rogers in the MCU, or the previously 21st Century Fox-affiliated Fantastic Four or Jean Grey. However, new Marvel comic book origins (and new comic run altogether) have suspiciously prompted ignited solo movies featuring the titular characters in the past.

Since the Captain Marvel film is based on Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel comic run, and the production of the film started a few years after the comic, the new narratives for the Fantastic Four, the Dark Phoenix, and Captain America could foreshadow new film development regarding the cinematic counterparts.

Obviously, any changes derived from the new origin stories would come at least a few years after the comics actually make their way onto the shelves. The time gap between comic production and any discussion about developing similar narratives in the MCU would also give the cinematic universe a timely cushion to integrate heroes and a superhero team.

Sure, the future for newly merged characters isn’t clear yet, especially since X-Men related characters and the Fantastic Four haven’t even tiptoed into the MCU (not even as a meta-reference). However, any excessive hype around the new aforementioned comic runs, particularly in the form of successful comic sales, could provoke the MCU to include some characters that were previously excluded from the universe.

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Though we’ll have to wait until March 2019 to see exactly how Marvel Comics will rewrite the Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel, and the Dark Phoenix, we’d love to see new Marvel characters integrate into the expanding MCU family — especially if Avengers: Endgame decides to annihilate some of our beloved Avengers-related characters.

After all, this would give the MCU more source material to draw their on-screen inspiration from if and when the cinematic universe decides to add the Fantastic Four or Jean Grey to its movie lineup (or if it decides to rewrite Cap’s film origin thanks to any gauntlet or Quantum Realm adjacent time travel).

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