Riverdale spinoff: 5 characters from the comics we want to see in Katy Keene

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Cover to Katy Keene #22 (May 1955). Art: Bill Woggon. Image via Archie Comics.

Randy Van Ronson

When it comes to love interests for Katy Keene, there are actually quite a few that have popped up over the years. And one of those love interests has to be Randy Van Ronson.

In the comics, Randy is a romantic rival of one of Katy’s other main squeezes, K.O. Kelly (whom we also want to see make an appearance in the series). Randy Van Ronson is not the typical guy, as he has money and has no problem letting people know this.

Randy reminds us a lot of Gloria Grandbilt, as they are both blonde and have a way about them that makes them seem a bit snobby in comparison to everyone else. And yet, when it comes to being a love interest for Katy, Randy is definitely one of our favorite characters. He has no problem fighting for her attention and making it clear that he wants to be with her (and we love that).

Of course, when we think of Randy Van Ronson, it is hard to compare him to anyone from Riverdale. However, we could almost see him being a match for Archie Andrews, except for that whole money thing. That being said, Randy is definitely his own man, and we hope he gets a chance to shine in the upcoming Katy Keene TV series.

Whether he gets the chance to be a part of a love triangle with Katy and K.O. or not, we want to see Randy on our screens. We think he could give us some serious Gossip Girl vibes to kick things off.