Riverdale spinoff: 5 characters from the comics we want to see in Katy Keene

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Cover to Katy Keene #31 (August 1989). Art: John Lucas. Image via Archie Comics.

Lucki Lorelei

Just like Veronica and Betty are best friends both on Riverdale and in the comics, Katy Keene’s best friend is Lucki Lorelei. Lucki is a redhead, which means that when the trio of Katy, Gloria and Lucki come together, they represent different looks, which makes sense in the world of modeling.

In the comics, Lucki Lorelei is actually quite superstitious, which can lead to some interesting events and shenanigans for the three girls. Of course, with Lucki also being a model in the comics, this means that all three girls tend to compete with each other. However, that does not stop Katy and Lucki from being friendly and hanging out with each other.

We hope to see Lucki and Katy bringing some of the same friendship vibes that we see on Riverdale between Betty and Veronica. Considering Lucki is another major component of the Katy Keene comics, we can’t imagine her not being a part of the new series.

And once again we hope that Lucki’s name stays the same so we can have our KK, GG, and LL working together and showing the world what these models can do, while also having the double initials going for them.

Perhaps Lucki can be the person Katy talks to about her struggles with breaking into singing and acting. And maybe we can see these two friends working together or even sharing an apartment in the city. However, they make it work, we just want to make sure Lucki Lorelei has a place in this Riverdale spinoff.