Riverdale spinoff: 5 characters from the comics we want to see in Katy Keene

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Cover to Katy Keene #28, October 1988. Art: John Lucas. Image: Archie Comics.

Gloria Grandbilt

In the comics, Gloria Grandbilt is a professional rival of Katy Keene. These two go up against each other quite often, both professionally and even in their love lives. She is the opposite of Katy, both in looks and temperament.

Where Katy has black hair, Gloria is a blonde. And while Katy is sweet and sassy, Gloria is often snobby and even standoffish.

Gloria Grandbilt is the perfect foil to Katy Keene and that is why we definitely want to see her make an appearance in the new TV series. Gloria could be the perfect antagonist to Katy.

In fact, we would almost say that Gloria is the Cheryl Blossom of the Katy Keene world. We all know that on Riverdale, Cheryl has money, can be a snob, has her moments when she thinks she is better than everyone else, but is also a good person to turn to in a pinch. And if Cheryl has your back for some reason, then you know that you are in good hands.

For the Katy Keene series, Gloria Grandbilt could be a perfect play off of Cheryl Blossom. Not only could she show off all the ways she believes she is better than Katy and any of the other models, but having her on Katy’s side occasionally would make the story that much better.

With how important Gloria has been in the comics as a foil for Katy, we can’t imagine the show not including this character. Hopefully, they keep the name too, as we definitely appreciate the play on names and the familiarity we already have with this particular character.