Riverdale spinoff: 5 characters from the comics we want to see in Katy Keene

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Cover to Katy Keene #30 (May 1989). Art: John Lucas. Image via Archie Comics.


In the original comics, we met Katy Keene’s little sister, although she was never given a name. Instead, she was often referred to simply as “Sis” or “Sis, the Candy Kid.” When the comics were revived in the 1980s, she was given the name Melissa, although the name was rarely used. Instead, she was still simply known as Sis.

When the comics returned in 2005, Sis was given a new name, Mackenzie. And even then, the name itself was rarely ever used.

This means that when the Katy Keene series hits TV screens, we really want to meet the character’s little sister, no matter what her name is. And hopefully, the series can decide on a name once and for all.

Of course, there is even flexibility in Katy’s sister’s age as well. Originally she was a mischievous seven-year-old with red hair and glasses. Later she was shown to be a young teenager. Whatever age they choose to go with, we hope they keep the character very similar to the one shown in the comics. And not just in her appearance, but also in her general attitude and ability to give Katy a run for her money.

We honestly think this is one character who actually will make the jump from the comics to the TV series. Not only is Katy her legal guardian at one point in the comics, but Sis played such a big role in the different storylines that we can’t imagine her not being a part of any project that Katy Keene appears in.