Riverdale spinoff: 5 characters from the comics we want to see in Katy Keene

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Cover to Pep Digital Vol 066, 2013. Image via Archie Comics.

K.O. Kelly

In the comics, K.O. Kelly appeared in a number of different series, particularly the Katy Keene stories. K.O. is (perhaps unsurprisingly) a boxer with red hair, and also a primary love interest for Katy. His romantic rival in the comics is the previously mentioned Randy Van Ronson.

Even in the comics, K.O.knows the Riverdale gang and even hung out with Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. And we think this could be a great way to kick the series off, especially now that we have seen Archie take part in that illegal boxing ring.

What better way to follow that story up with than to have Archie take up legitimate boxing and find himself in the ring with none other than K.O.? It could act as an introduction to the spinoff and give us the crossover we want to see, while also giving us two boxing redheads with a love triangle on their hands.

And of course, we admit that we wouldn’t mind seeing that love triangle drama we expect to have happen with Katy, Randy, and K.O. all in one series together. So hopefully they decide to give us both love interests, and not just stick to one.

We may not know much about the upcoming Katy Keene series, but what we do know has us excited to see how the world of Riverdale continues to grow and expand. Perhaps we will see the Riverdale gang join forces with Katy and her friends in New York. Either way, we are definitely interested to see how a musical Katy Keene show comes together.