Mark Ruffalo pokes fun at Russo brothers’ viral ‘spoiler’ on Twitter


Known for being the king of spoilers at Marvel, Mark Ruffalo called the Russo brothers out on posting a “spoiler” of their own.

Mark Ruffalo may have had his share of many spoiler-y moments while promoting his movies in the MCU, but we have to cut him some slack. Nothing can quite compare to the odd “spoiler” the Russo brothers recently shared to their social media accounts this past week.

To announce the end of filming for Avengers 4 on Friday, the Russo’s account posted an extremely cryptic photo of a blue light, only accompanied by the caption “#wrapped.” And while the photo could honestly just be there to trolls fans, lots of people have speculated this could photo could definitely be entering spoiler territory.

After the photo picked up steam on the internet, Mark Ruffalo chimed in to have his own say on the matter.

Ruffalo’s comments could be taken seriously, but it seems here that he’s totally making fun of the Russos’ abstract picture. Sure, the internet went wild thinking that Ruffalo “revealed” the title of Avengers 4 last week. But seeing as the segment was on The Tonight Show, it’s a sure bet that his reveal was all in good fun. (And yes, one fan did go through some extreme lengths to try and decode what he said. But still, whatever he revealed was likely all for the camera.)

Now, with the Russos’ photo, it looks like Ruffalo and the directors are just continuing their little game. Some theories have speculated that the subject in the photo could be anything from Tony Stark’s casket to the Tesseract. But a few people have pointed out that it simply looks like the light on a car, possibly even the light on top of a police car.

Either way, it’s hard to see right now if this is one big glaring spoiler, or if the picture is just showing off the Russo brother’s creative side. If the picture does end up being a spoiler for Avengers 4, we’ll have to hand it to them. But all of this feels like their “look hard” picture from a few weeks ago that’s sending fans on a wild goose chase for no good reason.

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What do you think about Mark Ruffalo’s comment? Serious spoiler or totally unrelated to the movie?