Avengers 4: 3 best fan theories about the wrap photo


With the Russo brothers’ photo marking the end of Avengers 4 filming, plenty of fans have guessed at what that photo means.

The end of an era is truly approaching with Avengers 4. Granted, the new one will probably begin at the very end of the movie — or, depending on how you interpret these things, with the premiere of Captain Marvel next March. However, we’ve just gotten the starkest reminder yet (pun intended).

As noted by CBR, the Russo brothers posted the photo late last night to tell us that things are “wrapped.”

Naturally, fans started bringing the theories in the replies to the tweet, on Reddit, and beyond. First, though, so as not to taint your impression, here’s the photo:

That being said, let’s get to the best theories we’ve seen so far about what this photo could represent. Keep in mind that it could mean absolutely nothing at all, too, but it’s fun to guess when the film is still so far away.

It’s for Tony Stark

On Twitter, @Mjking_MDC posted two words and a question mark that may have many Marvel fans putting their hands to their throats:

We’re going to rate this as fairly likely. It’s speculated that this movie will bring many of the original Avengers’ stories to a close, whether or not we see them again in movies possibly set prior to Infinity War (case in point: Black Widow), and Tony Stark has already tried to sacrifice himself before in an Avengers movie. With so much more on the line this time, who’s to say he’ll be brought back from the brink again?

It’s for Vision

However, another Twitter user had a different idea, suggesting that this isn’t a coffin so much as a pod that could be used to bring Vision back. Since Vision wasn’t a victim of the snap, bringing Wanda Maximoff’s love interest back will take more than just undoing everything that Thanos did.

It might also require a new solution other than planting the Mind Stone in his head. Even if the Infinity Stones aren’t destroyed, it seems unwise to keep them around anyway, and putting one in Vision’s head is remarkably … visible, to put it mildly. Perhaps that will be where Shuri comes back in to the plot, as she was involved in trying to remove the Stone in the first place.

It’s the Tesseract

Meanwhile, over on Reddit, r/chewster1620 suggested that it’s the Tesseract, saying: “It started with The Tesseract it will end with The Tesseract. [sic]” Indeed, the Tesseract drives the plot of the first Avengers film, and since this movie will disassemble the Avengers as we currently know them, it only makes sense that the vessel for one of the Infinity Stones may come back into play.

This theory even could coincide with the Vision theory above, since Avengers 4′s denouement could very well involve the Stones being hidden across the universe if they can’t be destroyed.

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Tell us your Avengers 4 photo theory below — that is, if you think it means anything at all!