Russo Brothers tease Marvel fans with strange Avengers 4 set photo


Joe Russo shared a mysterious set photo on Twitter teasing fans to look for clues, and some Twitter users think they have it figured out.

Avengers 4 might be the most highly anticipated Avengers movie to date as fans are anxiously waiting to see what becomes of many of their favorite characters. The directors of the film, the Russo brothers, are clearly aware of fans excitement and anxiety, and they are having some fun with it.

With recent reshoots going on for the movie, Joe Russo shared a photo of himself on Twitter from the set of Avengers 4 with a mysterious caption.

In the picture, Joe Russo is sitting in a chair working on his laptop surrounded by multiple set items. Nothing too out of the ordinary. But the photo is also in black and white, which adds to the strange factor.

Fans of the MCU are always looking to piece together Easter eggs and clues to figure out what is going to happen in future movies, so naturally, fans on Twitter were excited to analyze this photo. Who couldn’t ignore Russo’s odd command to “look hard”?

One Twitter user thinks they have cracked the case.

They point out that there are four different A’s scattered throughout the picture, which is a funny play on words. The four A’s equal Avengers 4. If this is the only clue in the picture, it really doesn’t answer any questions about what is going to happen.

Another fan cleverly spotted the word “Endgame” (or at least they thought they did) in the tweet, which another name some have speculated the title to be.

Others, taking things equally or less serious had a few funny comments to make about the mysterious picture.

We know that the Russos think they are being clever here, and we know that sometimes they like to tease fans. But, we think they should give us something more than just a play on words.

Hey, maybe Ant-Man could be hiding in the picture or something? Even if you can’t see him, we will go with that theory, too. No one can prove otherwise, right?

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Hopefully, an Avengers 4 teaser trailer will drop later this year with a title. But until then, fans will keep speculating over the information they do know. It has been confirmed that certain actors have been on set for reshoots, including Evangeline Lilly. Her character disappeared in the Thanos snap as was shown at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp, so her appearance in A4 is at least one mystery that has been solved for now.