5 AHS fan theories you need to know about before Apocalypse

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Michael Langdon’s dead brother will be the key to this story.

As we said, Michael Landon has at least been confirmed to play some sort of part in the series, but the extent of that role still remains to be seen. What hasn’t been confirmed however is if Michael’s brother, Jeffrey, will play any role.

If Michael, the antichrist, is going to bring the apocalypse to pass, it makes sense that other characters in the series will be doing their best to stop him. Whether that involves time-traveling witches or something else, we aren’t sure, but this tension between good and evil could be the focal point of the series.

Some fans have theorized that the answer to stopping Michael has something to do with his twin brother, Jeffrey Harmon. Now, Michael killed his twin brother while being born towards the end of Murder House. So, if he were to return and be alive, time travel or a new timeline might be necessary, which could lend more credence to that theory.

In the first teaser, we see a dark heart absorbing and killing a fetus. This seems like a connection to Michael killing Jeffrey while they are still in the womb and could point to something happening with the pregnancy and birth of these two.