5 AHS fan theories you need to know about before Apocalypse

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The hourglass imagery could mean the timeline will reset.

In the first teaser, as well as one of the posters, hourglass imagery has been featured heavily. In the first teaser, a demon hand turns an hourglass over and skulls inside fall as everything goes dark. Of course, a literal interpretation of this could mean that the apocalypse is beginning. But, this resetting of the hourglass could also be a hint that a new, strange, dark world will rise from the ashes of the old one.

This could point to a resetting of the AHS storyline giving Ryan Murphy the chance to start from scratch and create something entirely new and unexpected for season 9. DigitalSpy also suggests that this hourglass could point to a solution for a key mystery from the crossover.

The first episode of season 8 is called “The End,” according to Alexis Martin Woodall. Their theory is that witches go back in time to stop the antichrist from being born and stop the apocalypse from happening. This theory helps explain how dead characters like Misty Day can return. It also solves plot holes, since Hotel features an episode that happens in 2022, a few years after the events of Apocalypse are set to take place.