5 AHS fan theories you need to know about before Apocalypse

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This season could feature a coven of male witches.

While Coven was a female-centric season, one fan theory suggests that the newest season could feature male witches or warlocks of some kind. This theory comes to us from Reddit where user MooseHpaney lays it out.

After watching the trailer, this Reddit user points out that we see a group of young men wearing similar uniforms. Set photos also make it seem like Miss Robichaux’s (the academy were the witches of Coven lived) has been destroyed in a nuclear blast. If this is the case, the witches from Coven may need help from their brothers in magic. The theory goes on to suggest that the male coven has a headquarters underground that was safe from the nuclear blast. However, this doesn’t seem to be substantiated by any real evidence. This theory also points out that Billy Porter, who will make his debut in the series with Apocalypse, was seen on set wearing clothes that were similar to Madison, Cordelia, and Myrtle’s.

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