Get ready for Outlander’s season 4 premiere with these 10 episodes

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“Not in Scotland Anymore” (Season 2, Episode 2)

What happens: Jamie and the now-pregnant Claire swing by Versailles in the hopes of stopping the king from bankrolling Charles Stuart’s doomed Jacobite rebellion. Claire sports a truly jaw-dropping gown, the most beautiful dress in a season chock-full of them.

Why it’s important: The first half of season 2 mostly revolves around Claire and Jamie’s efforts to stop the Scottish uprising before it begins. “Not in Scotland Anymore” gives us a hint at exactly how adept the Frasers will be at counter-rebellion espionage. The answer: not very.

I suppose they do the best they can with the 18th-century resources they have, but honestly, this episode is the best of season 2’s Paris episodes, and that’s because the gathering at Versailles is so darn sumptuous. Everything is lovely: the clothes, the people, the lighting, the food. Call it the Ocean’s 8 effect, but fashion really can put a gloss on just about anything, even an otherwise meh arc about the terribleness of the pre-Revolution French aristocracy.

Plus, the portrayal of King Louis XV gives us the chance to indulge in some chronological snobbery. With a monarch as awful as him, we’re surprised the Bastille wasn’t stormed decades earlier.

The best part: Jamie casually pushing a potential ally off a (not very high) bridge when he catches the dude drunkenly hitting on Claire.