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“To Ransom a Man’s Soul” (Season 1, Episode 16)

What happens: Claire and the dudes from Clan MacKenzie save Jamie from Black Jack Randall, but not before Jamie is subjected to mental, physical, and sexual abuse. Claire is able to set Jamie’s broken hand and the MacKenzies remove Randall’s brand from his skin, but by episode’s end, Jamie’s real healing process has only just begun.

Why it’s important: Long before #MeToo dominated the headlines and men like Terry Crews came forward with their stories, “To Ransom a Man’s Soul” argued that sexual assault, at its core, is about power — not sex, strength or physical attraction. Black Jack Randall doesn’t prey on Jamie because he’s gay: he targets Jamie because he thinks it’s the only way to gain the upper hand.

He also knows Jamie can withstand physical humiliation (Randall is the one who gave Jamie a whole back of whipping scars, after all), but also has a weakness. Jamie agrees to be used by Randall in order to save Claire, and Randall does everything in his power to poison their relationship. Physically violating Jamie isn’t enough; Randall isn’t satisfied until he gets in Jamie’s head, too. After the horror Randall puts him through, Jamie can barely look at Claire without feeling sick with shame.

Luckily, Claire isn’t the kind of woman who scares easily. She resolutely stands by Jamie, no matter how hard he pushes her away. She’s fixed his physical ailments and will help him through the emotional ones, too.

The best part: Jamie, reeling with shame and guilt, finally opens up about what Randall did to him, and wonders if Claire will ever be able to forgive him. Claire says exactly what he needs to hear: “There’s nothing to forgive.”