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“The Devil’s Mark” (Season 1, Episode 11)

What happens: Claire and Geillis stand trial for witchcraft. Geillis “confesses” by showing the court her “devil’s mark,” which Claire recognizes as the scar from the smallpox vaccine. Turns out Geillis is from the future, too, but Claire isn’t able to get the details before her friend is condemned to burn. Claire is exonerated and finally tells Jamie about the standing stones and her life before they met. Being the dreamboat he is, Jamie believes Claire and gives her the chance to go back home to Frank. Guess what she decides to do?

Why it’s important: This might come off as a judgment, but I don’t mean it to be: Claire and Jamie love each other more than anything or anyone else, including their children. They’re like The AmericansPhilip and Elizabeth Jennings that way.

I came to this conclusion while watching “The Devil’s Mark.” Despite the people she’s met and the adventures she’s had, there’s no reason for Claire to stay in 1743 besides her love for Jamie. She has no rights, no sense of personal safety — she doesn’t even have indoor plumbing! Life’s not easy, in other words, especially for a woman used to the (relative) freedom of the 1940s.

Not to mention Poor Frank. Before Jamie, I believe Claire really did love Frank and wanted to be with only him. When she and Jamie first get married, she feels as if she’s betraying Frank. But the longer she’s with her new hubby, the less connection she has to her first.

But none of that matters to her as of “The Devil’s Mark.” The only person Claire wants is Jamie and he feels the exact same way about her. Actually, that’s pretty much the thesis for the entire show.

The best part: Claire being sassy, even as she’s held prisoner in an uninsulated, open-ceilinged dungeon: “I suppose getting burned as a witch is better than freezing to death.”