Get ready for Outlander’s season 4 premiere with these 10 episodes

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“The Wedding” (Season 1, Episode 7)

What happens: Outlander gets to the good stuff. Claire and Jamie get married — so Claire can avoid being taken into Black Jack Randall’s custody — and get to know each other (in the traditional sense as well as the biblical) over the course of their wedding night.

Why it’s important: Well, it sets a precedent for the kind of couple Claire and Jamie will be and the sex they will have, which isn’t exactly a minor part of the show. Outlander is known for upending romantic tropes, and it does that and then some in “The Wedding.” Claire is the experienced lover instructing the virginal Jamie, and she displays just as much desire as he. Plus, while there’s not equal opportunity nudity in their scenes, the female gaze is there and in full gear. I’d argue the camera ogles Jamie’s gorgeous bare torso much more than Claire’s.

That pretty much is the M.O. for the rest of Claire and Jamie’s love scenes. They focus on pleasure and joy and, let’s face it, the beauty of the male form.

In a world where women are routinely objectified and punished for having a sexual self that’s separate from making babies, we should all be thankful that a show like Outlander — and an hour of TV like “The Wedding” — exists.

The best part: If we’re keeping it PG, the moment when Jamie gives Claire his mother’s pearls and tells her how precious she is to him. If we’re not: this.