Get ready for Outlander’s season 4 premiere with these 10 episodes

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“Sassenach” (Season 1, Episode 1)

What happens: We meet Claire and Frank, who are getting to know each other again after years apart during WWII. Their second honeymoon in the Scottish Highlands is idyllic — and, since this Outlander, sexy — enough until Claire accidentally falls through time thanks to the mystical standing stones of Craigh na Dun. She finds herself in 1743 and in the company of the very dashing, very muscular Jamie.

Oh, and we also hear Jamie call Claire “sassenach” for the first time, which, according to Reverend Wakefield, is the Gaelic term for “outlander.”

Why it’s important: This might be one of the best TV pilots I’ve ever seen. It sets up the main premise without too much exposition, introduces the main characters effectively and includes hints of future plot points. Jamie’s first appearance, for example, is in 1945, before Claire has discovered the magic of Craigh na Dun. Only after seeing more episodes and delving into the show’s mythology do we find out the significance of his presence: Jamie will go through the stones himself at some point. (Or Outlander will eventually add a ghost story to its repertoire, which would also be awesome.)

Most importantly, and with minimal effort, the show does what it needs to do to work: make us, the audience, fall in love with Claire and Jamie. Even before they became a couple, they were why we tuned in.

The best part: Claire schooling the bros of Clan MacKenzie on how to correctly fix a dislocated shoulder.