Marvel filming schedule could mean Doctor Strange 2 or Black Widow movie’s on the way


Marvel Studios is reportedly set to film a phase four movie in June. Could it be Doctor Strange 2, or the Black Widow solo film?

The sun never sets on the MCU empire, and Marvel Studios is ensuring that day by day. If one movie is in theaters, then that means another movie is in post-production, another movie is filming, a different movie is being penned (or finding a new director), and countless others are in various pre-production stages.

One of those movies in its early stages of production could set to film in June, but there’s no word on which movie this could be just yet. This comes from a report by Geeks WorldWide, which says Marvel is looking to film a movie in the UK for that month.

GWW and other sources have boiled it down to three possibilities: Doctor Strange 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, or the Black Widow solo film. Of the three choices right now, GOTG 3 seems the least likely. Previously, Chris Pratt mentioned that the movie will begin shooting in January 2019.  Sure, production dates can change, but an additional six months would be a lot to move around — even if they’re in search of a new director (Solo was able to find its replacement director, Ron Howard, in a matter of days.)

GWW and MCU Cosmic both make a case for Black Widow being the next project scheduled to shoot in June. The movie’s already got its director and a script, so it makes sense that it could be the project next on the filming schedule. No such news has come out about Doctor Strange 2 just yet, save for a teaser post from the director that might not even be about the movie at all.

Despite there being little to no information about the Doctor Strange sequel so far, The Daily Mirror released a story just after GWW saying that the movie will shoot in the spring. It also reported that Doctor Strange star Benedict Cumberbatch would be getting a raise for the film, earning around $9.5 million altogether.

One thing to note about The Mirror‘s coverage is there’s no source for their information. This means that it’s still likely that the mystery movie could be Black Widow and not the Doctor Strange sequel.

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No matter what movie it is, it’s clear to see that Marvel has all its ducks in a row. So prepare for many more years of Marvel movies down the line, because they aren’t stopping anytime soon.