Doctor Strange director fuels rumors about sequel’s production on Instagram


Director Scott Derrickson posted a suspicious photo of Doctor Strange on Instagram, causing speculation that the Doctor Strange sequel could be happening soon.

Doctor Strange is going to have to sweep himself up and try to put himself back together, because he might have a sequel to make pretty soon. Nothing is definitive just yet, but Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson is certainly starting to stir rumors that plans for the sequel will soon be moving forward.

That suspicion was started by an Instagram photo the director posted showing Doctor Strange that featured an interesting caption, to say the least. The photo showed the comic-book version of Strange praying, and was accompanied by the text “‘Not my will, but thine be done…’ See you in September.”

The photo’s comments quickly filled with Instagram users wondering what he could mean. The consensus among fans, for sure, is that this could mean work for Doctor Strange 2 will be starting in September. Perhaps this September date could mean an official announcement for the movie, or that’s when production will start. Although, Derrickson made a comment in the post saying “I don’t tease,” possibly as a way to tell us that this isn’t an actual teaser for Doctor Strange 2 at all.

Given the context of the first part of the caption, his announcement might actually be a more personal matter. It is a Bible passage from Luke 22:42 (as pointed out by CBR), referencing the moment where Jesus prayed to resist temptation, the moment before he was betrayed by Judas; Jesus accepts that whatever happens to him is his fate.

Perhaps Derrickson just needs some to take some time away from Instagram for personal matters and plans to return next month. He recently announced that he’d be taking a break from Twitter (most likely because of the whirlwind of events caused by James Gunn’s firing) and would still be on Instagram for the time being. Now, it might be that he needs to take a complete social media detox, and we wouldn’t blame him if that were the case.

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What do you think Derrickson’s message could mean? Is he hinting that Doctor Strange 2 could be in production soon, or is it something completely related?