20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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Carl and Ellie’s married life montage – Up

It is impossible to make a list of Pixar’s best moments and not include this opening scene. If you have ever wondered whether it is possible to make a scene of fewer than five minutes both the happiest and saddest moment in a movie, here is your proof that it is in fact possible.

The adorable marriage of Ellie and Carl will have even the most cold-hearted viewer sighing from the cuteness — the moment of the painting the mailbox alone is enough to make anyone grin from ear to ear. But what starts as a lovable pair of happily married young people living through the years together and aging side by side quickly turns into a heartbreaking film opener.

The rapid change in tone in this scene easily gives Up the award for “Pixar Movie to Make You Cry the Fastest,” starting the film out on a low note, something that rarely happens in Pixar movies, or even animated family films in general.

But by starting out low, the film has no other direction to go but up (pun intended), as Carl takes on a new adventure that does not make Ellie’s absence any better but does make him a whole lot happier.