20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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Falling with style – Toy Story

Spoilers ahead if you have not seen Toy Story. Just kidding. We know you’ve seen it.

One of the saddest moments in Pixar’s full-length debut is when the strong and heroic space ranger, Buzz Lightyear, discovers that he really is a toy and that, no, he cannot actually fly (that moment with the Hot Wheels track? Pure luck).

But one of the happiest highlights of the movie is when Buzz shows us that he can be a hero without all the super space ranger abilities that are described in his TV promotions. By the time we reach the film’s end, Buzz is not too bummed about his inability to fly, as he has finally come to accept that he is a toy, and well, being Andy’s toy is not really that bad.

The entire scene as Woody and Buzz try to make it into the moving truck is stressful to watch, leaving you constantly wondering when they will finally make it.

But as Buzz manages to save the day, landing both him and Woody in the minivan beside their beloved Andy, audiences find out that even as a toy, Buzz Lightyear will go to infinity and beyond to save the day.