20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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Dash runs on water – The Incredibles

Early on in The Incredibles, Helen Parr tells her son Dash, who has the power to run at extreme speeds, that he has to hide his powers. “The world wants us to fit in,” she says. Because of this, Dash isn’t allowed to play sports, since “the last thing [he needs] is temptation” to run too fast and accidentally reveal his powers.

In this scene, as Dash and Violet try to escape a mob of security men, he finally gets the chance to use his powers — and for the first time, he is able to use them to their fullest extent. The entire moment is exhilarating, as Dash discovers just how fast he can run (running on water is no sweat for him).

This kid must never be late for school… or he totally is because his mom won’t let him use his powers.

His reaction is pure excitement, and he gasps in disbelief as he makes his way across the lagoon. Movie moments like this are one of the best, as the audience feels the same thrill of excitement as the characters they are watching on screen — and as a kid watching, one cannot help but imagine what it would be like to be in Dash’s shoes.