20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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Marlon meets Crush – Finding Nemo

When Marlon and Dory enter the East Australian Current during their search to find Nemo, they run into a sea turtle who quickly became one of the most iconic characters from Finding Nemo (aside from, you know, Nemo).

Even though he is a side character, Crush the sea turtle is a fan favorite — Disney even gave him his own attraction (Turtle Talk with Crush at EPCOT in Orlando, FL allows theme park goers to have their own chance to meet Crush) — most likely because of his laid-back surfer personality, and his penchant for hilarious nicknames, “Jelly man, offspring. Offspring, jelly man.”

He has very few moments in the movie; however, he’s still a monumental part of the film’s plot, as he helps Marlon and Dory get to Sydney, Australia via the “EAC,” as he calls it. That’s even before you consider how he becomes another friend to Marlon (after Dory, of course), something he’s in desperate need of after losing his son (and after losing Nemo’s mother, although that happens some time before the movie starts).

As the scene that introduces audiences to this lovable reptile, we had to include it. Without Crush, Finding Nemo would have been a very different, and much less fun, movie.