20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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Miguel sings “Remember Me” to Mama Coco – Coco

In this year’s Oscar winner for best animated film, music is the star, and if it’s the star of the entire film, then it definitely takes center stage in this particular scene. While music has always been an important part of Pixar films, with popular theme music that is unique to every film, singing and dancing was never as prominent in Pixar films as it is in other Disney movies; however, in Coco, singing, and more importantly playing the guitar, is the main source of the story.

Near the end of the film, when Miguel plays and sings “Remember Me” to his Mama Coco, she remembers her long-lost father. It is a scene that will pull at anyone’s heart strings. A film that is both heart-warming and tear-jerking, if Coco did not make you cry earlier on in the movie (chances are, it probably did), then you are definitely crying by the time this scene comes to a close.

The smile on Mama Coco’s face, and the excitement and tears that flow in from the rest of the family at her finally sitting up and smiling after so long is unforgettable. As far as heart-warming family films go, Coco certainly takes the cake with this scene alone.