20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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Buzz is just a toy – Toy Story

Sometimes we all have to face the hard, honest truth, even when you’re a crime-fighting space ranger, or so you thought. This moment in Pixar’s first full-length release might not be a happy one but it is one that jump-started the biggest twist in the film — Buzz and Woody finally becoming not only friends but two of the best-known buddies in modern cinema.

As Buzz descends from the railing, falling to the floor, you have to feel sadness for him. He is so certain he’s something that he’s really not, and now his whole world is upside down. While none of us know what it is like to believe you are a space ranger and later discover you are just a toy, we do know how it feels to discover things are not quite what they seem, and sometimes that can be pretty devastating.

But fortunately for Buzz, and hopefully for all of us, everything works out in the end, even though it was not quite how he hoped or imagined it would.

At this moment, though, Buzz is sadly at his lowest point, lying hopeless and armless on the floor in Sid’s house. It’s the kind of start to a comeback that makes for a truly iconic moment.