20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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Heimlich becomes a butterfly – A Bug’s Life

Probably the most memorable line in Pixar’s A Bug’s Life is when Heimlich the caterpillar exclaims, “Finally, I’m a beautiful butterfly,” as he breaks free from his cocoon.

After longing to be a butterfly throughout the entire movie, Heimlich finally gets his wish (sort of). His joy is infectious as he continues to express how beautiful his new wings are.

But to keep the joke going, his wings are a little on the small side, making it impossible for him to fly with them. Of course, that does not deter him. Maybe it’s because he thinks he is flying. After all, with the help of his friends lifting him up, he kind of does fly in the end.

We have all had those moments when the smallest thing brings us so much joy that nothing can bring us down, and that is certainly Heimlich at the sight of his tiny butterfly wings.

What makes this moment even more laugh-worthy is that aside from the addition of the wings, Heimlich looks exactly the same as he did at the beginning of the movie. He is still the same old silly caterpillar, with a bit of an upgrade — or at least he thinks so.