20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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Pixar’s WALL-E is all about love. It’s said to be the strongest of human emotions, but is it a feeling only for humans to experience?

EVE returns to Earth, a busted up WALL-E in tow, in search of the proper equipment to fix WALL-E. She manages to rebuild the parts of WALL-E that have been damaged and is able to recharge him; however, once fully charged, he appears to have reverted back to his factory settings, not remembering EVE or who he is.

This moment will grab your heart and give it a painful squeeze up until the very end. Whether you have seen the scene before and already know the outcome or not, this moment will have you at the edge of your seat with tears in your eyes. Eve’s distressed exclamations of “WALL-E” hurt, but when she touches her head to his, eliciting a spark of electricity, Wall-E’s awakening that follows is so exciting that it’s worth all the previous heartache.

This scene does not have any humans in it, but it displays the love and devotion that most believe only humans can feel. With these two robots, Pixar shows us that love isn’t just for biological creatures.