20 of the most unforgettable Pixar moments

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Merida shooting for her own hand – Brave

Out of all 20 movies, Brave feels the least like a Pixar film. Instead, it’s more in the vein of the classic Disney princess films (it is about a princess, after all), but that does not mean it did not have some iconic Pixar-style moments, including the thrill and suspense that only Pixar can perfect.

One moment in particular that stands out is when Princess Merida decides to shoot in the archery competition for her own hand in marriage, against her three “suitors” from other clans of the Scottish Highlands. Merida brings out all the feminist-fueled independence in this scene, as she beats out all three suitors — even splitting one arrow right down the middle.

It seems the suitors are not good enough for Princess Merida’s hand, and her achievements have viewers thrilled, while it has Merida’s mother fueled with anger. Pixar’s previous films had some incredible heroines (including the one and only Mrs. Incredible), but Princess Merida was the first to be the central character of the film.

It’s been a few years since Brave entered theaters, but hopefully, there are more female-led Pixar films with iconic scenes such as this one in the studio’s future lineup of films.