Marvel’s Twitter accounts have the best responses to the Thanos subreddit ban


The Thanos-related subreddit ban caught the attention of people all over, including some Marvel Twitter accounts. Their responses were nothing short of perfect.

It was another victory for Thanos on Monday. Not so much in another Marvel movie, but this time, on the internet.

Last week on Reddit, r/ThanosDidNothingWrong made a surprise announcement saying a subreddit-wide ban would take place soon. They’d effectively be banning half of its members the way Thanos eradicated half of the universe. As more people learned about the subreddit, the page actual grew in size. So perhaps the plan backfired a bit if the “snap” (so to speak) resulted in more people rather than less.

But regardless of the results of the ban, the official Marvel Twitter accounts kept their eye on the situation and had their own response to the chaos that took place. Choosing the words of Thanos for the occasion, all they had to say was “perfectly balanced.”

It’s clear to see where Marvel stands on all this. Things are finally as they should be, at least to them. But one of their Marvel accounts wasn’t feeling the ban and (slight Ant-Man and the Wasp spoiler down below) it was hilariously fitting.

Maybe it’s reality meeting fantasy, but it seems like Ant-Man (at least on Twitter) has no clue what’s going on. He’s likely stuck in the Quantum Twitter Realm, and now there’s no one to save him…. at least for now. The other Marvel Twitter accounts like @BlackPanther and @DrStrange have been pretty silent on the matter because — let’s be honest — they probably would have been snapped away by the ban. (Too soon?)

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Now that the subreddit ban has happened, it’s throwing all our attention back to figuring out what’s going to happen to the real Avengers after they were snapped away. We’re only two movies away from Avengers 4, with Captain Marvel up next, so all will be revealed soon.