Zendaya wishes Tom Holland a happy birthday with a super embarrassing video


Zendaya sent a sweet and slightly embarrassing happy birthday video to BFF Tom Holland. The video shows Tom wouldn’t make the greatest Padawan.

What would our best friends be if they didn’t find the opportunity to embarrass us at any given moment? That goes for celeb BFF’s, too, like Zendaya and Tom Holland.

On Holland’s birthday Friday (which should be an international holiday known as “Hollandday”) Zendaya tweeted the cutest yet slightly embarrassing video of him. Captioned “Happy birthday loser,” the video shows Tom battling it out light saber-style with Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Jacob Batalon.

The two have a pretty good on-camera duel until Tom goes full-sith and breaks Jason’s lightsaber. Zendaya then calls off-screen: “You idiot. You broke it!”

We know when Zendaya calls Tom a loser or an idiot, they’re all terms of endearment. Sure, he can turn into a full-on prankster (maybe that’s why he felt that way about Loki), but that’s what makes him so loveable.

But let’s go back to those moves. You can tell he’s aptly trained in combat because his graceful movements rival that of Kylo Ren’s. (He’s maybe not a great guy, but definitely a worthy duelist). That’s why we’d like to page JJ Abrams now, just in case he was looking for some new, young talent to be in Episode IX.

His other Homecoming co-star Donald Glover got to be in a Star Wars movie. Even Paul Bettany, Samuel L. Jackson, Mads Mikkelsen and Lupita Nyong’o have all had their go in both Star Wars and MCU movies. Need we say anymore?

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Even if we never get to see Tom in the Star Wars universe, we still get to have him for a few more MCU movies. By now, we likely all know that Spidey will have to come back in Avengers 4 — because the next Spider-Man movie is set for next year!