Tom Holland reveals which Infinity War death was truly ‘heartbreaking’ to him


Now that Infinity War’s been out in theaters, Tom Holland finally got to talk about all the movie’s spoilers, including how he felt about the deaths in the movie.

Tom Holland is spilling all the details about Infinity War now that he doesn’t have to watch out for the landmine of spoilers that followed him before the movie’s premiere. Now, he can even talk openly about everyone who died in the film, even though he really didn’t know who died before he saw the movie.

Speaking to an excited crowd at Comicpalooza in Houston on Saturday, Holland let us know his reaction to the death that shocked him right out of the gate. And that character? Of all people, it was the trickster god, Loki.

“I honestly didn’t really know much at all — which is quite fun because, like you guys, I’m a huge fan of these movies,” Holland said to the crowd.

“So being able to go to the theater and enjoy it as a fan because I knew nothing about it was great. Tom Hiddleston at the beginning? Heartbreaking. That killed me!”

Even though some of us predicted that Loki would be one of the characters to go, the death hurt all of us, regardless. The Russo brothers set the tone for us right at the beginning, letting us know there would be no mercy.

First, it was Heimdall, who used his dying breath to send Banner back to Earth. And then it was Loki, who honestly didn’t have to try to stab Thanos. What was he thinking?

On another occasion, Holland spoke about his own emotional death scene as Spider-Man in Infinity War. The actor didn’t even know that he would be one of the characters to die until the day he filmed the scene. Sounds like the whole movie was just one emotional ride for Holland. But that’s okay, because it was like that for us, too.

No matter what, we have hope that things will get better for (most) of the characters in Avengers 4. Holland couldn’t say much about the next movie because, well, spoilers. But with the big casting news that Jake Gyllenhaal is supposedly signing on for the next Spider-Man movie, we know things will work out fine for Spidey. Probably.

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Now that we know whose death left Tom Holland absolutely shook, which Infinity War death was most heartbreaking for you?