Jake Gyllenhaal will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we’re not sure how to feel


Have you taken a look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe and thought, “This could use more Jake Gyllenhaal?” Because that’s what Marvel’s apparently done.

At some point, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to consist of every single actor and actress out there. At least it feels that way after reports broke this morning from sources like Deadline that Jake Gyllenhaal will most likely join the MCU as villain Mysterio for Spider-Man: Spring Fling, which is what we’re calling the sequel to Homecoming right now. (Never let it be said that we don’t appreciate puns.)

On the one hand, Homecoming did pretty well with its villain, the Vulture, as played by Michael Keaton. On the other, Gyllenhaal doesn’t inspire the same sort of “oh yes, we’d like to see what he does” as Keaton did upon his announcement.

But he does have a pretty good villain option here — Mysterio. The question becomes how Spring Fling will interpret the giant crystal-ball-like sphere that Mysterio tends to wear on his head. Let’s face it: if you’re casting Jake Gyllenhaal, it’s kind of weird to not let us look at his lovely face for the maximum amount of time possible.

Additionally, Mysterio isn’t really a metahuman, so he would run a little similar to Vulture in terms of using gadgets in order to commit his dastardly acts of villainy. Then again, this iteration of Spidey definitely has the power of tech on his side, thanks to a certain Mr. Stark, so Mysterio’s not a bad choice.

It could also lead to the introduction of the infamous Sinister Six into the larger world of the MCU. All in all, we’re not complaining about the idea of Mysterio, but we’re concerned about both the execution and the choice of Gyllenhaal.

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What’s your take on him as a MCU villain? Can he ever live up to Killmonger? (Probably not, but hope springs eternal.)