Disney Parks could announce new details about Star Wars-themed area during Galactic Nights


The Star Wars Galactic Nights event is almost here. Is this year’s event even more special because Disney will announce new details about Galaxy’s Edge?

Star Wars Galactic Nights are a huge celebration for Star Wars fans. With about a year till the eagerly anticipated Galaxy’s Edge opening, could this year’s event bring announcements and details about the highly anticipated opening? Star Wars fans are hoping for some big news at the event.

Periodically, Disney has given glimpses of the Star Wars world behind the big green wall at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Recently, there have been drone flyovers, video simulations and tidbits of information. Even though Hollywood Studios is preparing for the opening of the new Toy Story Land, more people are yearning for the Star Wars expansion.

Star Wars fans are an extremely loyal group. The Galaxy’s Edge expansion needs to have the authenticity that fans crave. While Disney Imagineers are experts at creative environments (and after decades of creating these Star Wars worlds in their mind), this fanbase will expect perfection.

Tickets are now on sale for the return of Star Wars: Galactic Nights at DisneyÕs Hollywood Studios May 27, 2018. The one-night event celebrates the entire Star Wars saga with exclusive, out-of-this-world entertainment, encounters with Star Wars characters, a panel discussion with creators of Star Wars: GalaxyÕs Edge Ð a new land coming to the theme park in 2019, special photo opportunities, event-exclusive merchandise, specialty food & beverage and much more. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is located at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. (David Roark, photographer)

While the current Star Wars areas appeal to a younger crowd (like Jedi Training, Launch Bay character meet and greets and Star Tours), the new area should have a broader appeal. Even now, fans can take pictures by the green wall with a photo of Galaxy’s Edge. Also, they can spend time analyzing the full-scale model trying to find all the details.

At this month’s Star Wars Galactic Nights, the panel discussion that is supposed to take fans behind the scenes. The panel includes appearances by Warwick David, David Collins and Walt Disney Imagineering. Could this panel make a few new announcements about the Galaxy’s Edge development? It seems likely.

Although some Millennium Falcon ride details have been shared, Disney hasn’t revealed other aspects of the world. While fans know that this area is an outpost, the details are a little vague. One interesting aspect would be how authentic could this Star Wars world be.

A rumor is circulating that only merchandise that could be made on the outpost could be sold in the outpost. What does that mean? Well, for example, a mass-produced t-shirt, toy or souvenir would be sold in this area because it wouldn’t be made on the outpost. While plenty of mass-produced merchandise would be sold in other areas of the theme park, those special items would only be there.

For fans, this scenario could be good and bad. First, the possibility of unique, authentic Star Wars items is great. If each item is hand-made, more people would a special souvenir to take home. The downside would be the cost. Souvenirs are expensive now; can you imagine the cost of a hand-made Star Wars souvenir?

Another interesting aspect would be the food. Star Wars movies have had some iconic foods. For example, blue milk needs to be done right. While the visuals might be clear, does anyone really know what those foods taste like?

Everyone knows that Disney has some amazing themed food options. Just look at the current Pixar Fest specialty foods. While Disney probably has been working on these special foods for a long time, the theme park will probably do a test run or two. For example, did anyone notice that at the first Festival of the Arts event that the boba balls, now used in the popular Pandora area drinks, were tested? We wonder if the upcoming Festival of the Arts event will have a nod to something that could happen in Galaxy’s Edge?

While the Star Wars Galactic Nights event is a celebration of Star Wars and its fans, the event needs to continue to grow and expand. At approximately $130 for the night-time event, special ticket, it is a substantial cost for a fan to attend. Even with the special perks, appearances and a few giveaways, the cost might keep fans away ’til next year’s theme park area opening. Hopefully, this year’s event will give the fans something special, something beyond what they have seen in the past.

Star Wars Galactic Nights will be held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios on May 27, 2018. Tickets start at $129 a person and are still available.

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What secrets do you think will be revealed? Hopefully, it is more than just a deleted scene from the upcoming Solo movie.