Pixar Fest: Disneyland celebrates the bond of friendship


Pixar and its iconic characters have become a huge part of the Disney brand. Pixar Fest at Disneyland makes this summer a celebration of the bond of friendship.

Disneyland just launched Pixar Fest for the first time. Now through September 3, guests can experience numerous Pixar themed celebrations throughout the park. Considered the biggest Pixar celebration ever, this event combines all aspects of a memorable Disney experience. From parades to food, this Pixar event captures the endearing qualities of Pixar characters.

PIXAR FEST AT THE DISNEYLAND RESORT (ANAHEIM, Calif.) – Pixar Fest, the biggest Pixar celebration ever to come to Disney Parks, presents beloved stories from Pixar Animation Studios in new ways at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Parks. During this limited-time celebration, guests will celebrate friendship and beyond with characters and experiences from films such as ÒToy Story,Ó ÒMonsters, Inc.,Ó ÒCocoÓ and ÒUpÓ from April 13 through Sept. 3, 2018, at the Disneyland Resort. (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)

According to Bob Chapek, Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences & Consumer Products,

"Since 1955, we’ve been bringing Disney magic to families here in Anaheim and around the world. And behind it all—right from the very beginning—has been the world’s best storytelling, including the amazing stories created by Pixar. The team at Pixar has brought us to a world in which cars are just as human we are; they’ve shown us the softer side of the monsters under our bed; and they’ve taken us to infinity and beyond. Now as we launch Pixar Fest, we’re taking what Disney parks does best—creating magical experiences—and combining it with some of the greatest stories of all time to give guests something totally new."

Looking back on the numerous Pixar franchises, the characters have qualities that endear themselves to both young and old. Whether it is the mischievous toys in Andy’s room or the epic talents of the Incredibles family, people are drawn to these characters and their stories. Children may have been drawn to the movies as pure entertainment, but families watch over and over because of the message.

For example, Incredibles 2 (and its recent trailer) has so many people excited. While many younger children may not have seen the original Incredibles in a movie theater, all ages eagerly anticipate the superhero antics this summer. These Pixar characters are relatable, engaging and lovable.

In this summer’s Pixar Fest, Disneyland is bringing those favorite Pixar characters to fans in exciting new ways. From the nighttime fireworks extravaganza, Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular, to Pixar Parade, these entertaining experiences allow guests to see their favorite Pixar characters in new ways. Even the original Pixar lamp and ball make an appearance before the Pixar Play Parade.

PIXAR FEST FOODS AT THE DISNEYLAND RESPORT (ANAHEIM, Calif.) – Pixar Fest, the biggest theme park celebration of beloved stories and characters from Pixar Animation Studios, is coming to the Disneyland Resort April 13 through Sept. 3, 2018. Favorite Pixar pals and stories are inspiring delicious treats, such as this alien macaroon in Tomorrowland at Disneyland park. (Disneyland Resort)

Even though the parades and shows have audiences in rap attention, the Pixar Fest food is a must. Throughout the theme park, the themed food ranges from Instagram worthy to gourmet delights. A few of the must eat items are the Alien macarons, strawberry churros, and Nemo candy apples. Just looking at these adorable foods will make you smile, but make sure that you have a big appetite to eat all the delicious offerings.

The launch of Pixar Fest is just one of the many celebrations coming to the Disneyland this summer. With Incredibles 2 coming to theaters, Disney is launching an incredible summer experience. In June, the Pixar Pier will open. The new area features the new Incredicoaster, neighborhoods, entertainment and food and beverage options.

Disney’s Pixar expansion shows that Pixar characters really resonate with fans. These animated features don’t disappear from people’s lives as they grow up. The characters and their stories get passed down to children, family and friends. The timeless stories bring back personal memories when life was a little more carefree, filled with delight and a sense of a better tomorrow. Disney may be the place where dreams come true and Pixar embodies those dreams.

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Ready to plan a trip to Pixar Fest? If you go, make sure you have one of those adorably delicious Alien macarons.