Pixar Pier: Pixar fans make plans to visit Disneyland resort addition


Bringing the world of Pixar to its fans, Pixar Pier is set to open at Disneyland Resort next year. Can Pixar fans wait that long?

Pixar films and their characters have become part of pop culture. From classic children’s toys to relatable superheroes, Pixar characters are loved by many. While Disney Parks have embraced some of the Pixar characters, the brand hadn’t had its own unique space. The addition of the Pixar Pier at Disneyland Resort celebrates the imaginative world of Pixar.

Coming in 2018, Pixar Pier will offer Pixar fans an immersive Pixar experience. Building on the popularity of other Pixar areas, like Cars Land, the new Pixar-centric area will feature rides, games, food and entertainment with Pixar themes.

Formerly Paradise Pier, the new Pixar area didn’t require Disney to build new experiences. Rather, Disney is rebranding existing attractions with Pixar themes.

PIXAR PIER (ANAHEIM, Calif.) –Summer 2018 will bring a transformed land when Pixar Pier opens for guests to experience at Disney California Adventure park, featuring the new Incredicoaster inspired by Disney•Pixar’s “The Incredibles.” This artist concept illustrates the four new neighborhoods that will represent beloved Pixar stories in this permanent land of Pixar Pier. (Disney•Pixar) (PRNewsfoto/Disneyland Resort)

By rebranding existing attractions, Disney can quickly capitalize on upcoming Pixar releases. Unlike the Toy Story Land in Disney World, attraction rebranding is less costly than a whole new area. For example, at Pixar Pier, the California Screaming coaster will become the Incredicoaster.

The new Incredicoaster takes the existing roller coaster and gives it an Incredibles facelift. Guests get a new experience on the existing roller coaster with some cosmetic additions. The existing roller coaster will feature new coaster vehicles that reflect the movie, as well as character scenes and special effects. With the release of The Incredibles 2 in summer of 2018, the new roller coaster offers the theme park and Pixar a beneficial collaboration. Fans can see the movie and ride the roller coaster to continue the Pixar experience.

Like the new Incredicoaster, the Pixar Pier welcomes guests into a complete Pixar experience. The effect is to bring the characters and movie moments off the screen and into the real world. As guests step in the neighborhoods filled with Pixar stories, the guests feel transported into their favorite imaginary worlds. Such an immersive and memorable experience is an effect that Disney does well.

The opening of Pixar Pier will coincide with Pixar Fest, which begins on April 13, 2018. This limited time event was announced during the 2017 D23 Expo. The limited engagement festival will feature new Pixar parades, special merchandise and a new fireworks show.

While the Pixar transformation sounds impressive, the fans at this year’s D23 Expo had hoped for a bigger announcement or addition to the Disneyland Parks. Although Star Wars Land will be coming in several years, a fully new addition isn’t on the books. While Disney’s Hollywood Studios gets an entire new Toy Story Land next year, the California parks have felt a little left out.

Even though new Pixar neighborhoods should be popular with families, the whole Pixar Pier addition won’t be complete in time for Pixar Fest. It seems that the company will be rolling out neighborhoods as they are completed. It is likely that each addition will have some type of promotional tie in to the opening announcements.

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For Pixar fans and families, the new Pixar Pier will most likely be on their must visit list. The classic characters and movies that families adore are integral to growing up. Those family memories are a major component of every Disney visit and Disney’s impact on pop culture.