Solo: A Star Wars Story is all fun and games in new clips


From dejarik to sabacc, the latest Solo: A Star Wars Story clips are all about the games of the galaxy far, far away, and there’s more Lando to appreciate.

We definitely enjoy the grand lightsaber battles of the Star Wars universe, but sometimes you need to get down to the basics of a fictional universe. What do its denizens play? How are those games similar — or different — from the ones we have here on Earth?

Two games we’ve known about for a long time are dejarik and sabacc. The first has been part of the universe since A New Hope. Meanwhile, the second has long since held a place in the mythology of Han Solo. It’s no surprise that both will appear in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Here are the two latest clips released by Lucasfilm. First up, let’s take a look at dejarik:

The conversation Beckett is having with Chewbacca here seems like it could easily turn into something more symbolic. Perhaps Beckett has a plan to double-cross everyone because he has spent time planning out all his moves? It might really fit in with his character, and we know surprisingly little about him considering how much he’s been hyped as having a significant connection to Han.

But we all know what you’re here for: more Lando.

Does this clip basically prove that Lando says Han’s name wrong essentially to disrespect him and keep him honest? Because it seems like that might be the point of Lando saying Han’s name wrong. If that’s actually the case, then we didn’t know it was possible to love Lando more than we already do, but it is actually possible because we love him more now.

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Also, does it seem obvious to everyone else that Han is really overselling some possibly-faux naivete? Not that we expect him to be good at acting or anything — “Boring conversation anyway,” anyone? — but wow, this is impressively bad.

Either way, Solo‘s out soon, so it’s nice to get some more information.