Watch this artist transform plants and flowers into spectacular origami wonders


One crafty artist takes ordinary plants and flowers and transforms them into cute, spectacular origami figures.

Sure, origami is the art of folding paper, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with what your folding. One Japanese artist is taking origami to the next level with her flower and plant creations and showing them off online.

The artist, who goes by “inori” on Twitter, shares her latest creations on Twitter, from dancing fair-like flower figures to classic leafy frogs. Each figure is a wonder with rich, bright colors and dazzling mechanics.

Some of the creations are still figures. Others work in the fashion of origami that bends and moves, some like a marionette doll being gracefully controlled by its own stems.

Translated above, she writes: “I improved the puppet “Hana Schenko-san” made by Nagami Hinagesi and Dandelion… two years ago. I like it, but my sons have a slightly white eye.”

Inori also has a blog on the Japanese blogging platform Ameblo where she often shares the steps to create each figure. She also creates time-lapse videos on Twitter to share show her process. Meaning, if you want to try your hand at these DIY delights, there’s plenty of help!

In the tweet above she describes the process. Translated, part of the tweet reads, “I do not use [a] tool. I use the burr of the leaf when I cut the male flower of the camellia flowers because [my fingernails] become black when I cut it with a fingernail.”

Most of the videos shared shows her using her hands, a sign that she’s learned the art masterfully. Her precision is a rare gift second only to her creativity.

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Inori’s Twitter and blog are full of tiny creations for you to admire. And, if the inspiration strikes, you can create a few of your own.